January 7, 2018

Ultrahack 1st Prize


Digitalization of the construction site operations management is a complex and inherently local endeavour. Multiple subcontractors with varying capabilities and software are expected to plan, execute and audit a certain site. Offering right incentives and working platforms and apps is essential to create a “digital leap”, peak productivity leading to time and financial savings, and ultimately increased value.

Developing universal platform for construction site management is not the target of this challenge, but developing apps that can pinpoint selected pains, shortcomings and inefficiencies. Ideally, these individual apps could work together utilizing open API’s and as a whole become more than a sum of its parts.

Therefore, we welcome a variety of construction apps to this challenge and offer bunch of use cases that highlight the shortcomings on constructions sites. These can relate to communication, logistics, purchasing, contracting, scheduling, task planning etc.

Develop apps or solutions which make construction site operations and knowledge management more productive, transparent and smooth. Utilize existing data models/platforms.


SignSpace is more than a traditional digital signing service. It´s primarily a business collaboration platform, where advanced digital signing capabilities are included. In addition to digital signing, SignSpace also provide organisations the means to create, share, refine, organise and store any digital content. All this is done in a trusted and secure cloud environment. SignSpace provides scalable solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Pilot version available at: https://signspace.fi/ (choose the English language from menu)

Visual contracting - the winning idea

Sessio team gathered up and quickly went through the potential of Signspace as the optimal space for 'Sessios' capability to create visual communication on the go. Turned out that Signspace is better than thought match for the visual contracts. Strong digitally verified identity is a root feature of Singspace's agile communication platform. Sessio will bring in the visual layer for advanced, fast and sharp contracting on the go.

We also hacked and test-proofed the issue of non-installed parties to another level where nothing is needed on the other side mobile device to be able to visually join the contracting process which truly helps to scale fast once implemented to the app.

Together the technologies form a solid system for way more productive ground level operation than before. Challenge accomplished!

Jury's comments:

Antti E. Mäkinen: "We were looking for new innovations and I think we found them. There are lot of potential in all of their team work but one them, a team was absolutely amazing, it was absolutely stunning to see what they have thought.

Teemu Lehtinen: "Simple AR (proposal working name) was a this kind of new approach at visual collaboration that can be basically integrated to any process within the construction industry. And there is huge potential: we can have pictures, reviewing, audio and video from mobile to mobile. Basically every process needs this kind of visual tool to have decision making more efficient. And it was really nicely integrated with Signspace that was this platform and there is huge potential to take that further.

Antti E. Mäkinen: "Yea, and one thing I really liked is you were thinking out of the box. It was definitely thinking out of the box what we were looking for. Like I said, that was the thing that astonished me. So congratulations to you!"