February 17, 2017

Personnel Sourced Audio Visual Customer Service

Customer service is an incredibly important aspect for any company. It has the possibility to make or break your brand image and can heavily affect brand perception in the form of online reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations. So it should come as no surprise that having an effective customer service system is mandatory for companies in all industries.

Customers in constant call queue? Random peaks at helpdesk? Hard to explain and hard to solve issues?

While your helpdesk is chronically occupied, elsewhere could be free personnel to pick the first contacts. What if all of your personnel had installed Sessio on their mobile devices and most of them would have switched the app into "happy to help" mode which means that incoming support call pings once when arriving. Those who hear the ping and are free to react, will check in. There is the real customer with real problem. If you care for your job and you care for your customer and have the idle enough moment you may enjoy taking a quick shot on telepresence. You will practically get to see what is going on somewhere. And work out a possible solution on the go.

Benefits of Personnel Sourced Customer Help?

Less customer time spent on waiting or at least the first contact should happen pretty quickly and that really matters when someone (the customers) needs your help.

Personnel vs. market. If you feel for it, you pick it. Get the excitement of interaction with a real customer. Listen and learn from the paying party. Match instant solutions (right real professionals) to the issues (right real customers).

Customer service belongs to some extent to every member of the organization. Switch the app to off mode if you certainly cannot contribute.

Powerful visual real-time communication capability alone is a big deal. Combined with clever AI letting through "ping me for help" at moments and locations narrowed down to susceptibly suitable to you.

Sessio: the next standard in mobile communication. Now available on Android devices.