January 19, 2019

Calling from my phone to my glasses - visually

Creating a contract used to be a tedious task. But not anymore. At least not at our lab. We have a pair of Epson BT-300 AR glasses and are able to call between the glasses and create simple visual contract during the video call. It is also possible to call from phone to glasses or other way around. Not to mention simplest use case: calling from phone to phone :-) . Small step for the mankind, also small step for us.


Do you need smart calls in your business? Give us a stupid call (classic audio call on a smart device) and we will tell you how to possibly boost your B2B or B2C business.

Here are some topics we are currently going through:

Business deal made on the go (self driving cars)  

Construction site AR helmet as media for contract

Using your watch to create a video contract

AR glasses for making a contract (this article)