April 9, 2017

A Glimpse of Tomorrow

My colleague picked a phone call which turned out to be a returning communication related to a recent inquiry of a projection wall construction offer request. Caller had received some drawings already before the call but still, explaining the frame and canvas structure over the audio only got tircky quickly.

I could not hold myself of giving Sessio a try.

We were on loudspeaker on call so I told the caller to soon hang up and check the SMS I’m about to send. I explained that the SMS has a link to app installation and it will fire up an automatic call back after being installed. All of that happened in less than 2 minutes. I had just enough time to dig the drawings to my laptop screen before the automatic return call arrived to my phone.

After answering the call we were able to talk and in few seconds the image (displayd on this blog) shot from my laptop screen was shared to his phone. The rest you can guess.

He kept asking question by question and I kept changing the drawing color to still be able to draw something more on the image. Even though the resulting image looks more like a mess to an outsider for him it was the clarifying piece of information when combined to our conversation.

For me this was once again a big moment of understanding how powerful the combination of annotation on image combined with audio can be. There is no doubt of this particular feature combination being used by millions on daily basis in near future. Instead of just still or paused video frame we will eventually see truly augmented reality style annotation even on mobile devices. Perhaps sooner than we dare to dream.